Cincy Swish

Swish Spirit

Swish Spirit  is a unique program that offers basketball instruction to children and young adults with disabilities. In addition to instruction, Swish Spirit provides children of all abilities the opportunity to be part of a team within a basketball league.

The Spirit program teaches basketball fundamentals such as dribbling, passing, shooting and defense, through interaction with Cincy Swish coaches and peer models.​


Game Schedule:

12.17 – Away game vs SnapDragons.  JV at noon, V immediately following

1.14 – Home game vs Miami.  JV at 6, V immediately following

1.21 – Home game vs SnapDragons. JV at 6, V immediately following

1.30 – Away game at Lakota JV at 6pm, V immediately following

2.4 – Home Game vs Butler County. JV at 6, V immediately following

2.11 – Home game vs Lakota. JV at 6, V immediately following

2.14 – Away game vs Miami (Time TBD)

2.25 – SnapDragon Jamboree (Time TBD)